Guardian Energy CEO Mike Jerke notes ethanol's positive momentum in guest column

Mike Jerke responds to a recent anti-ethanol column in the Dickinson Press.

A Big Oil booster recently received a stinging rebuttal in a North Dakota based newspaper. Mike Jerke, CEO of Guardian Energy fired back at anti-ethanol allegations raised by The American Council for Capital Formation (ACCF) in a guest column for the Dickinson Press. 

In the column, Jerke notes ethanol's bipartisan support and how it reduces foreign oil imports: "In 2015 alone, the RFS was responsible for a 527 million-barrel reduction in foreign oil imports. By relying less on foreign oil, we also lower the price of gasoline. Studies have shown that ethanol usage decreased the cost at the pump by as much as a $1.50 a gallon during gas price spikes in recent years. And since it is American made, we are less vulnerable to the whims of foreign regimes that try to fix the prices of oil to their benefit." 

The full column can be read by clicking this sentence. 

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