The American Coalition for Ethanol welcomes supporters from all corners of the country, from all walks of life, in any profession or area of study.

Ready to help renewable fuel grow and thrive for all Americans, our economy and our environment? You have friends in ACE. As a member-driven organization, our backbone is the producers who deliver ethanol to marketplace day in, day out — the people who truly launched this industry. But there is camaraderie and community here for leaders of all stripes. Ours is power by people. We think you’ll find some good ones here — folks who are always happy to welcome new friends to the team.

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We know that you have options when it comes to how you invest your membership dollars each year. Together, our partners and colleagues across the ethanol industry are allies at working hard for your continued success – but where ACE differs is in our approach to policy and market development. 

ACE isn’t an organization that tries to be all things to all people. We pride ourselves as pioneers in creating new demand opportunities for ethanol, mirroring the work done by the people who settled the land surrounding your plant. We've coalesced grassroots leadership at local and state levels to influence action on a federal scale. We know you have a unique vision for our industry’s future and that’s why we think you’re a fit for our team. 

Our focus remains on supporting the work of community-based and farmer-owned plants that are the backbone of not only the ethanol industry, but also the places we call home. Our strengths are rooted in our strategic partnerships and our depth of experience in policy and market development.

Call on us to connect with your staff, leadership, and board about ACE’s current and future activities.

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$2,000 Annually

Commodity groups, utility providers, technology companies, lenders, service providers and others who have serious skin in the game because ethanol producers are their customers. These members are eligible to serve on the ACE Board of Directors and committees and receive a vote at the ACE Annual Meeting.

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$1,000 Annually

Manufacturers, engineering firms, specialty service providers, associations, and others who have something important to say about what ethanol has done for you, your business, and your community. Associate membership is the perfect entry point to joining the ACE community.

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$50 Annually 

The power and authenticity of individual people are the foundation of the ethanol community. If you believe in fuel choice or want to help ethanol succeed, then join the parents, teachers, students, farmers, motorists, and people from other walks of life in becoming an Individual member of ACE.

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